Focus: Cognitive behaviour

Have you ever seen someone you know pass by you without greeting you and immediately started analysing as to why he or she did not greet you? Do you tend to focus on the negatives more than the positives? There are certain errors in our way of thinking that affects our ability of taking decisions and according to Dr. Jennifer Wild, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, emotional reasoning is the most common error as it makes people believe that what they feel is true.

The focus of this week’s debate is on cognitive behaviour and whether we should follow our gut or brains.

These are the statements to be debated:

  • Emotional reasoning forces us to take drastic measures.
  • Mental filtering makes us focus on our failures more than our successes.
  • Simply being aware of our mistakes, does not help us stop making them.

Participants will be required to clearly state whether they are ‘for’ or ‘against’ the statement and provide their supporting arguments for the same.

The debate will start at 4.30pm on MondayMarch 10. Participation requirements are at the end of this blog post. Please do read them carefully.

Click Here to participate.

Participation requirements:

  • Participants are required to be older than 18 years.
  • First-time participants will be given preference.
  • To participate, please send a request to along with your details.

One response to “Focus: Cognitive behaviour

  1. Nanditha Vinod

    Dear Ma’am   I would like to participate in this live debate.   Nanditha Vinod Grade-8 IHS

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